Welcome To BitKea Technologies

A weird name, wouldn’t you say? That’s the idea!

A ‘Bit’ has been the heart of computer technology since the very beginning of time. And ‘Kea’ is name of a green parrot from New Zealand! Hey, ‘Kea’ also sounds like ‘Key’ which could stand for a solution! What is the connection? None! But we got you thinking, did’t we?

BitKea is about everything unsual. It is about chaos, the natural order of things. The simplicity in what may seem as the most intricate of designs. Like the nature itself. What may look like a complete randomization may have a perfect underlying logic to it. And that is what BitKea was born out of.

Many professionals, various walks of life – business, design, technology – got together to bring human solutions to digital problems. E-Learning, web deign, web development, animation, visual art, communications, problem solving. All put together on one table is BitKea.

We are a young and unstable company. Young by the number of years. Unstable by design. We like our instability. It keeps us alive. It keeps our work fresh.

Our e-Learning tool, ScholarLMS is one of the most efficient and refreshing e-Learning platform available today. Our web designs are visually stunning and our web development projects are extremely efficient.

We are not a software giant, and we don’t want to be. We are not like a regular company and we don’t want to be. We are not completely sane and we don’t want to be.

We are BitKea. And we are loving it!


Who is BitKea

No, you will not find an endless array of vague words as our mission statement. Our mission statement is just one – stay genuine, stay honest, stay human. In every aspect of our business as well our lives as company and as individuals. Stay genuine, stay honest, stay human.
A company can either be creative or competitive. It cannot be both. We have chosen to be creative. We do not claim to offer the world’s absolute best products or services (it’s purely incidental :P). But our philosophy is to stay creative and stay original. Always.
Please forgive us for our lack of finesse but here is our promise to you in all its rawness: We will not lie to you so that we can make extra money! Yes, we said it! We promise to give you complete value for your money and to make sure we go the extra mile to make your project a success.
Now how is that for a promise?
We are young, sharp, creative, a little crazy and stupidly honest. Need we say more?

Our best skills

  • e-learning (Moodle)
  • Web development
  • Graphics development
  • Worpress
  • Brand Promotion

Meet our team

Sohan Singh
Sohan SinghRockstar Designer | Managing Partner
Viper, as his friends call him, is our very own Laughing Buddha who can never be spotted unhappy! An artist to the core, Sohan is the heart and soul of everything beautiful at BitKea.

He rides motorcycles, plays the drums and percussion, loves trying different styles with his hair and his beard and can see the beauty in the most mundane of situations. (remember the guy with the camera in American Beauty? That’s him!)

A world class designer and graphics artist, his work can be witnessed at aliasviper.com.

Manoj Singh
Manoj SinghSuper Developer | Managing Partner
Imagine a pure-blood, genuine, natural problem solver. Multiply it by a thousand. That is how we like to define FireFly – Manoj Singh. Our very own specialized problem solver. A programmer and developer by profession and a good human being at heart.

He is the brains behind our e-Learning system, scholarLMS and many other complicated projects. Really very, very complicated ones! And if he encounters a wall in his way – he brings it the F down! Hell yeah!

Get to know him better at codenamefirefly.com

Santosh Pandey
Santosh PandeySmooth Talker | Head of Business Strategy
Ten minutes born and Santosh was already asking the nurse out on a date. That is Neo. Our smooth talker. Some people say he spoke before he walked. But hey, that can’t be right? Or could it?

Santosh has handled people, projects and teams spanning many countries, and the most technical to the most non-technical of projects. A natural born strategist and communications person, he creates plans, strategies and partnerships for the company that go beyond the usual agreements.

His professional experience can be found at: linkedin

Allyson Lewis
Allyson LewisThe North Star | Guide, Advisor, Strategy Specialist
Allyson Lewis is the CEO of Allyson Lewis Marketing, LLC. Her mission is to Share HOPE. Share ideas. Change Lives. An international best-selling author, life-coach and speaker, Allyson needs no introduction. Allyson works with BitKea Technology as a business strategy advisor. She also helps share the innovative e-Learning platform with thousands of individuals and small business owners so that they can spread their message across the world.

To learn more about how Allyson and Bitkea can help you share your voice with the world, get in touch with Allyson at allyson@allysonlewismarketing.com.

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